RSS is now working! - written by on 2015-09-24

The RSS feed is ready to use and read!

(Yes, right now almost all posts are about the server having new features. Sorry about that :3)

A new fancy feature started working just a few minutes ago! Prepare your RSS feed reader, for the most fractal-ish RSS feed ever. Really, take a look at this magnificent Menger Sponge:

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We are live! - written by on 2015-09-17

We are live!

We are finally live!

Hello there! Finally the website is alive and working!
There's not much to say at the moment, just excuse any bug that you find. Even if the website is somewhat usable (Woohoo, comments are working!), it's still prone to bugs. If you find one, please drop me a line. You can find contact details in this page.
Last, but not least, I'll try to make regular posts. Not sure if I'll achieve that :P

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